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Reply Sandia View Academy Alumni Association
1:25 AM on March 7, 2017 
Hello Larry Dustman! We would love to see you at this year's alumni weekend, October 5-7. It will be our 75th anniversary.
Reply Larry Dustman
4:04 PM on March 5, 2017 
I attended SVA 1963/64. My freshman year. Very happy times. Great students and faculty.
Reply Doug Miller
11:41 PM on May 3, 2016 
I attended SVA the second half of the 1973/74 academic year. I made many good friends & memories there in a very short period of time. I'd like to make contact again. Are you out there Zach, Bennie & Rodney?
Reply Dax DiBenedetto
3:58 PM on September 12, 2015 
I didn't even know about this website til just now. Several classmates were asking me if I was attending this year because it is our 25th anniversary.
Reply SVA Alumni Association
1:04 PM on November 6, 2012 
Janeece Coulter Jung says...
So sorry I missed the alumni weekend this year. Looking forward to more pictures as they are posted.

We missed you Janeece! Lisa C
Reply Janeece Coulter Jung
9:00 PM on October 15, 2012 
So sorry I missed the alumni weekend this year. Looking forward to more pictures as they are posted.
Reply SVA Alumni Association
8:13 PM on August 25, 2012 
Geri, go into your profile and add that email. I don't have access to member's profiles to change their information.

Lisa C
Reply SVA Alumni Association
3:07 PM on March 30, 2012 
SVA is alive and well. Corrales SDA church is committed to ensuring SVA has a home while the SVA campus property mess is worked out. The admin bldg on the SVA campus is boarded up. It is possible to tour the campus, just not in the bldgs.
Reply samv
1:08 AM on March 26, 2012 
Will someone please update me on the condition of our beloved SVA campus... Is it sold? Is it still possible to visit/tour the campus? Are all the buildings shuttered? I have many fond memories of this place...
Sam Vasquez
Reply winston bascom
9:55 PM on November 12, 2010 
Howard M Bryant Jr says...
Dear Lisa,
I predict that the Conference and its incompetent & unworthy president,
is going to sell the SVA property, and say they will buy new property at
Rio Rancho, or somewhere else. They will say that they are going to build
Conference buildings and a school, and all that's needed for it on the property.
They will build the Conf. buildings, run out of money, and say they can't build
the new SVA campus, and say, "SORRY, we ran out of money," and SVA will
be OUT OF LUCK!! I don't think much at all of Elder Steven's administrative
abilities AT ALL, or his honesty. I had a GREAT BIG SUSPICION of his "Slide"
show five years ago, when he put on the "SHOW" for church then, and I'm not
surprised at all of his shennanigans. He needs to get OUT of the ministry, and get
himself and his house in order!
An INDIGNANT Alumni of 1964,
Howard M. Bryant, Jr.

Well Brother, as this writer does not know of this man (above) or you, my supporting comment as a 5th generation SDA, and 68 yo child of HIM,... that if indeed what you said does follow through, this is exactly how the denomination is rapidly declining in dis-obedience to our original master plan as laid out in the SOP... so "watchman what of the night"... and "lift up your voice like a trumpet" is the call for this hour. If indeed you do maintain a "straight testimony, and live the life that HE ordained, you will be disfellowshiped... and castigated... count on that...
"love our enemies, and do good to them that dispitefully use you..." is our marching orders for this day... eh? :)