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Alumni Weekend 2017 - Coming Home Again

 October 12-14, 2017

75th Anniversary of Spanish-American Seminary

65th Anniversary of Sandia View Academy.  

The Spanish-American Seminary was established in 1939 and the first graduating class graduated in May 1942. The Spanish-American Seminary became Sandia View Academy for the 1952-1953 school year.

Sabbath Speaker - Pastor Leslie Aragon, Class of 1966 


SVA Wish list for 2017-2018

SVA has three simple requests for next school year. Let's help them out!

  1. $1200 will pay for a van driver to transport students living near Crestview (southside of town) to and from SVA each day.
  2. 40' Smart TV
Contact SVA at 505.898.0717 or email us if you can help.

10th Annual SVA Alumni Golf Tournament

Participants in 2015 helped raise $14,213 for students at SVA!! Thank you to Paul Chavez, Class of 1980, and Valley Fence for their continued leadership with this fundraiser. A special thank you to the leadership of Texico Conference for their significant contributions for the annual golf tournament. We will post how much you helped raise for SVA in 2016 here.

Alumni Bios

SVA Alumni Board has voted to start highlighting different SVA Alumni on our website and also in our newsletters.  We believe folks would like to hear about your life after graduating from or attending SVA. Email the following information [500-1000 words or less] to

  1. Years you attended SVA and/or year you graduated from SVA
  2. Where you attended college/university or received training post SVA
  3. Family info (i.e., who you married, how many kids and/or grandkids you have, etc...)
  4. What you did or do for a living
  5. Notable accomplishments and achievements
  6. Hobbies and interests
  7. Three things on your "Bucket List" you haven't accomplished yet
We look forward from hearing from you!

I Am SVA- Videos

The first "I am SVA" video has been posted. Check it out at: YouTube

We need HD-SDI digital video mpeg recordings [A recording from your cell phone] of you saying, "My name is ______ from the Class of ______ and I Am SVA".  

Oct 2015 - "We Are SVA"- 

Nov 2015 - "I Am SVA" -

March 2016 - "I Am SVA" -

You can send your vids to:



You attended Sandia View Academy.  You are SVA! You graduated from Sandia View Academy.  You are SVA!  You attend SVA now. You are SVA!  

Check out our "I am SVA!" videos on YouTube 

What unites us is SVA. Our connection is SVA.  Our history converges at SVA. No matter your race, gender, culture, current or prior geographical location, current or prior denominational ties - YOU ARE SVA!  

Pictures from 2016 Alumni Weekend

All the pictures Derral Reeve took over the Alumni Weekend will be available on CD for $20.  All monies go to SVA Worthy Student Fund. Pre-pay during Alumni Weekend or contact Lisa Christopherson at

Tribute to Alumni/Staff Who Have Passed Away

2016 list of names  read at Alumni Weekend is located on Tribute page.  If you have names to add for 2017 Alumni Homecoming Weekend, please email us at

The list of names that have been read in the past is listed on Tribute page.

SVA's Sandian E-Star

The electronic newsletter that SVA emails out can be found on the SVA E-Star page on this site.  You must be a member to access the page in order to protect the privacy of the young people at SVA.


Tax-Deductible Donation for SVA Student Scholarship Fund

A number of SVA students need help with their tuition in order to attend school this year.  Donate TODAY!!!  Your donation is tax-deductible. Yes, SVA Alumni Association is a legitimate 501-3(c).  Make Christian education possible for a worthy student TODAY!!


SVA Sale Facts is a link to a website where a third party has posted information regarding the SVA campus.


President's Message

Hello SVA Alumni:

Homecoming 2016 is now a fond memory.  Little Anita’s rocked. The golf tournament was very successful and fun (56 players and 14 full teams).  Sabbath was a blessing again. The basketball games were almost astonishing  (the over 30 crowd hid behind the chairs. –just kidding).

We missed all you who could not afford the time, money and old-timers energy. The Alumni, the School and the Conference are coming together.  The possibility for a new school on the old campus is looking very positive.  There are many successful actions moving that direction.

 The alumni may have a really busy time this year because of all the new interesting things happening (we have no pictures to show you yet). Please pray for a good Heritage Room and appropriate meeting place on the new campus. The Alumni Business Meeting voted to have the SVAA Board take on fund raising to help the Conference to then help the School fund putting new furnishings in the new building.

 A lot more information will be coming later (soon) as plans, permits, agreements and actual work rapidly transpire.  Pay attention folks!  God is doing His work.

Bruce Bowen: 

2017-2018 President

Sandia View Academy Web Site

2016 SVA Alumni Association Board of Directors - Elected and by-Position Officers

President: Bruce Bowen, '62, term ends October 2017

President-elect: Michael Razon, '05, term ends October 2019

Treasurer: vacant

Co-Treasurer (by Board vote): Sandra McMahon, '54

Secretary: Lisa Christopherson, '85, term ends October 2018

By position: SVA staff member; SVA Sr. Class President

Board of Directors: Paul Chavez, '81; Sandra McMahon, '54


You can find vintage copies of Sandian Stars from the late 1950s are located under  Vintage Sandian Stars

Upcoming Events

Thursday, Oct 12 at 6:00 PM - Sunday, Oct 15 12:00 AM

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Recent Prayer Requests

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    Lord, I ask that angels will camp round and about our alumni and their families as they travel to and from SVA for this year's Alumni Weekend. Make their pathways straight and ...
  • Texico Conf Constituency Mtg

    For delegates at Dec. 7 constituency meeting to be held at Lubbock SDA Church at 10am - safe travel and discernment. For God's will to be done.